Apartment 211 by Jun Wang & Bonnie Wong

In 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jun and Bonnie were separated between China and the UK and had to learn new ways to communicate with each other. They combined all the parcels they sent to each other, together with their daily conversations, thoughts, anxiety, hopes, and created this accordion book consisting of 4 imaginary ‘rooms’. The book comes with a little pack of crisps they sometimes ordered for each other during lockdown. 
Edition of 25
14x16cm, 14x56 when opened
Indigo digital print


2020年疫情期间,Jun 和 Bonnie 分隔中国、英国两地,交谈和互动因为距离和时差,变得要重新再适应,原本预想的计划也变得波折。她们将给彼此邮寄的包裹、往来的信息,在日常对话中出现的想法、意象,以及对于未来的想像、担忧和期待,放进了4个小房间,製成了一本小书。随书附送她们这几个月来会为对方预备的小零食之一:一包小薯条。

单页14 x16cm 展开14x56cm

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