They Say. I Say. by Po Yi Bonnie Wong

They Say.I Say. tells a story about a kid who experiences the world differently. The story portrays how the world is seen and sensed uniquely in the eyes of children who are considered hyperactive and with attention deficit. It invites the audience to understand and experience this very special, colourful and beautiful world with empathy.
The phrase ‘They Say, I Say.’ shows the conflict between what a kid constantly hears from the world, which contrasts the voice she hears inside herself. The storyline and text are inspired by my own experiences. Growing up had been a constant struggle and battle. It is a mixed experience of facing adults’ expectations, knowing how I am different, hoping to be normal and overcoming these conflicting thoughts.

Edition of 50
Risography & Screenprint



They Say. I Say. 的故事情节和文字灵感来自于艺术家自身的成长经历。这本小书讲述了一个患有多动症及专注力失调症的小孩,以自己的方式与世界交流时的感受,以及世界在她眼中的特殊样子。


共50册, 12.5x16.5cm
孔版印刷 & 丝网印刷

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