Drifting Dialogue (1,2,3) by Folium Press

A series of sporadic publications made from texts submitted though an online form. A publicly editable diary where people could anonymously add text or images.

During the Covid-19 pandemic (2020) the world went into a collective lockdown. Through the rise of internet usage and the closure of art galleries and spaces Digital Dialogues opened up the idea of reclaiming free online platforms to become a collaborative space in which people could share and edit documents for 24hrs before a new document was created. The results of this daily project have been archived into a 3D cluster that can be explored by the viewer through their browser.

Dot matrix on triplex paper (White, Yellow, Pink)
Open edition


Drifting Dialogues 是一个於疫情期间开展的作品。Folium Press 邀请了朋友和艺术家一同编辑一个公开的 Google doc 共享文件,并把这对话用旧式的收条印刷机(dot matrix print)列印出来,有点传真纸的质感。这项目现在变成了一个像期刊一样,以文字为主的公开招募作品。

12页|收条印刷(白、黄、粉红 共三色)

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