My Eyes Upon the Walls... So Vast (NYC Zine) 
by Stewart Hardie

This zine was made in a week when I visited New York in the summer of 2019. It was my first time in America and I was fascinated by the towering buildings and the grid layout of the city. I felt like I was on a theatre set, it was all extremely familiar to me but I knew this was only because I had seen this city many times in the movies.. I started to notice the surfaces of the walls and floors had these marks as if the passing of time had been etched into the city’s footprint.

Digital Print


这本zine是Stewart Hardie在2019年游览纽约的时候创作的,那是他第一次去美国,他深深的被那些高楼大厦和城市街道的网状、整齐的规划吸引了。他感觉自己置身在一个舞台佈景当中,这城市对他来说极其的熟悉,但同时深知这只是因为我们从电影裡看过这地方太多遍。之后,他祭觉这城市的墙和地都佈满了经歷时间而做成的痕跡。


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